Programs and Resources


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Diversity Clubs


ODIEO supports West Point's fourteen Diversity Clubs in collaboration to fund trips and other initiatives. These clubs provide a rich experience for Cadets and many have active outreach efforts to inform and engage many individuals at West Point. The Diversity Clubs include:

Asian-Pacific Forum     Big Brothers/Big Sisters     Corbin Forum     Cultural (Contemporary) Affairs     

Japanese Forum     Korean-American Relations Seminar     Latin Dance Club     

National Society of Black Engineers     Native American Heritage Forum     

Secular Student Alliance     Society for Professional Hispanic Engineers     

Society of Women Engineers     Spectrum     Vietnamese-American Cadet Association

Outreach Programs


Cadet Leader Development in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (CLD STEM) - CLD STEM is a series of mobile workshops promoting STEM among middle school students nationwide with a specific emphasis on diverse populations and/or students from underserved communities. During these workshops, faculty and Cadets work with students to design bridges, build robots, and build wind turbines. Students are taught subjects like Mobile Robotics, Bridge Design, Renewable Energy, Drones, Lego mind storm, Programmable Circuits and Roller Coaster Engineering.

West Point Leadership Ethics, and Diversity Conference (WPLEC) - WPLEC is a Leadership and Ethics Conference conducted as a precursor for hosting organizations. Ethics, and Diversity in STEM (LEADS) workshops, providing an opportunity for Cadets to demonstrate Leadership scenarios for students from underrepresented communities to guide them in identifying and confronting leadership and ethical challenges.

Leadership, Ethics, and Diversity in STEM (LEADS) - The West Point LEADS is a community outreach program which assists students and educators in achieving goals by sharing competencies for which the United States Military Academy is known.  Participants gain an understanding of exemplary leadership, its impact on the STEM Community, and learn to engage peers in the same topics, upon returning to their communities. 

Students in a classroom conducting STEM
Group of people in a conference showing diverse paper workshop

West Point Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership Conference


Each year the United States Military Academy (USMA) hosts a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Conference. The desired outcomes are to determine best practices to foster more inclusive behavior, communicate effectively to solve problems, and increase interactions. The target audience is USMA faculty and staff, Cadets, West Point Alumni, members of the Army, service academies, other universities, and leading diversity and inclusion professionals. The conference includes workshops, panels, and prominent guest speakers. 

Calendar Event


  • LEADS: Jackson, MS -  28 Jan 2022
    • (with HBCU; Diversity Faculty Recruitment via DOTS and TFT)


  • LEADS: Phoenix, AZ - 18 Feb 2022
    • (Native American Reservation)*


  • LEADS: Orangeburg, SC - 18 Mar 2022
    • (Virtual LEADS with HBCU; Diversity Faculty Recruitment via DOTS and TFT)


  • LEADS: Los Angeles, CA - 25 Mar 2022*


  • LEADS: Denver, CO - 1 Apr 2022*


  • LEADS:  Baltimore, MD/Washington DC - 22 Apr 2022
    • (with HBCU; Diversity Faculty Recruitment via DOTS and TFT)*

 * SEC ARMY Priority City