Photo of Mr. Brian Dorn

Mr. Brian Dorn

Physical Science Technician


As a civilian employee Mr. Dorn currently provides lab support to cadets and instructors for courses including Microbiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology. He provides additional support to ensure the proper handling of Hazardous Materials, Waste, and Biowaste for the department. Mr. Dorn ensures the health and safety of everyone according to the stringent standards of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

As a Navy Reservist, CE1 (SCW, EXW) Dorn, is a Construction Electrician in the Navy with Naval Construction Battalion 27. He is the currently the Company Safety Petty Officer, Platoon Commander, and D7 Training LPO for over 140 Seabees at NRC NYC.   CE1 Dorn has completed two deployments to CENTCOM. During the most recent deployment he was awarded a Navy Marine Corp Achievement Medal for ensuring the completion of multiple projects as Lead Petty Officer for a mobile build team.