Photo of COL Corey James

COL Corey James

Deputy Head and Professor U.S. Military Academy


COL Corey James is the Deputy Department Head for the United States Military Academy Department of Chemistry and Life Science. He provides oversight for all chemistry, chemical engineering, and life science courses, programs, personnel, and methods of instruction. For research, cadet education, and outreach, he oversees the Center for Molecular Science that serves as the department's focal point for coordinating collaborative research with Department of Defense science and technology agencies and civilian institutions. He also supervises the execution of the department's average annual funding of approximately $1,100,000 (excluding payroll) in grants and operational budgets. He leads all civilian and military personnel hiring actions.  He also serves as the Department Strategic Communications Officer, and serve on Academy level committees as directed.  He leads the Energy Systems Group consisting of three faculty members and five undergraduate researchers conducting novel chemical engineering research that develops cadets while improving the scholarly body of work in the field of process control. 

Publications & Presentations

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