Dr. Dan Jaffe

Dr. Daniel Jaffe

Assistant Professor

Assistant Director, Human Performance Lab



Daniel Jaffe holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College. His doctoral research was on the effects of chronic beta-alanine supplementation on physical performance parameters in college-aged males seeking military commission. Dr. Jaffe arrived at West Point in July 2015 where is primary duties include: teaching in the Kinesiology Directorate; course director for PE215: Foundations of Personal Fitness and PE245: Olympic Weightlifting; assistant director of the Human Performance Lab; and, coach of the Men’s and Women’s Powerlifting Team. Prior to his arrival, Dr. Jaffe was a member of the Physical Education Department at Virginia Military Institute, where he served in a variety of capacities. His current research interests include periodization and optimization of military-specific fitness tasks. Previous research was focused on macronutrient redistribution and dietary supplementation. He currently lives in Cornwall On Hudson with his wife, Molly, a Highschool Biology teacher and multi-sport coach in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

Ongoing Research Projects

ACFT Performance Optimization
Concurrent Periodization

Publications & Presentations

Hewit, J.K., Jaffe, D., and Crowder, T. (2020). Optimizing Pull-up Performance through Submaximal Performance Prediction Training. International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance. February 11-14, Quebec, CA (abstract submitted June 2019)

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Jaffe DA (2017). Annual Powerlifting Planning and Programming: Optimized Training for the (Strength-biased) Tactical Athlete. Presented at the 2nd Annual ISSN Sports Nutrition & Athletic Performance Workshop at Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC.