Photo of LTC Lehman

LTC Joshua Lehman



LTC Joshua Lehman is a 2005 graduate of West Point and a career Special Forces officer. His service with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) has included leading in Iraq, Syria, and other locations in the Middle East.

Ongoing Research Projects

I am interested in the marriage between metaphysics and phenomenology as it sheds light on the nature of the human person. I’m also interested in questions relating to the nature of military service in a democratic republic.

Publications & Presentations

“The Ethical Challenges of Drone Warfare. Is the Just War Tradition Obsolete?” 26 JAN 2022, Presentation at the University of Central Florida Ethically Speaking series. 

“The Virtues We Need are the Ones we Already Know,” Modern War Institute, 24 MAR 2021.

“The Common Good: Ethical Strategy Between States and Partner Forces,” The Strategy Bridge, 15 OCT 2020.

“Command and Control in the Gray Zone,” Special Warfare, vol 30, Issue 2, Spring 2017