CPT Danny Moriarty

MAJ Daniel Moriarty




Originally from Massachusetts, MAJ Danny Moriarty is a Special Operations Civil Affairs officer with previous experience as a Cavalry officer. After commissioning from West Point, MAJ Moriarty served in the 3d Cavalry Regiment at Fort Cavazos, Texas, deploying to Afghanistan in 2016. In 2017, MAJ Moriarty was selected for Special Operations Forces Civil Affairs, graduating from the Civil Affairs Qualification Course in 2018. MAJ Moriarty then served in the 83d Civil Affairs Battalion at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, deploying to the Persian Gulf in 2019 as a Team Chief. He earned his MA in Geography from the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on Ugandan social movements' use of digital media platforms.

MAJ Moriarty concurrently serves as the Executive Officer of the Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations (CSCMO).

Publications & Presentations

Select Non-Peer Reviewed:

  • Moriarty, D. "Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Bodabodas: Transportation Workers and Irregular Warfare." Irregular Warfare Initiative, 2023. Link.
  • Moriarty, D. "The Power of the People: Civil Affairs and Civil Resistance." 2022-2023 Civil Affairs Association Issue Papers, 2023. Link.
  • Moriarty, D. "Pockets of Sunflower Seeds: Civil Resistance in Ukraine." Modern War Institute, 2022. Link.
  • Moriarty, D. "Irregular Learning for Irregular Warfare: Radical Urban Planning and its Applications." Eunomia Journal, 2022. Link.
  • Moriarty, D., and R. Garcia. "Scouts Out: What CA should know about Army Recon Courses." Eunomia Journal, 2020. Link.
  • Moriarty, D., and K. Peckenpaugh. "Searching for Dry-Land: The Challenges of Maritime Civil Affairs Activities and a Framework for Future Success." Small Wars Journal, 2019. Link.

Select Seminars, Colloquia, and Presentations:

  • Moriarty, D. "Hybrid Spaces of Resistance: Digital Media and Resistance in Uganda." University of Texas at Austin, Department of Geography and the Environment Veselka Grant Awardees Presentation, 2023.