COL Scioletti

COL Michael Scioletti

Professor and Department Head, Associate Professor


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Linear and Integer Programming


Data Analysis

Publications & Presentations

Morse, S., Talty, K., Kuiper, P., Scioletti, M., Heymsfield, S. B., Atkinson, R. L., & Thomas, D. M.     (2020). Machine learning prediction of combat basic training injury from 3D body shape images. PloS one, 15(6), e0235017.  

Zolan, A., Scioletti, M., Morton, D. and A. Newman. "Decomposing Loosely Coupled Mixed-integer Programs for Optimal Microgrid Design," Accepted INFORMS Journal on Computing  

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Scioletti, M. (2008). A heuristic algorithm for optimized routing of unmanned aerial systems for the interdiction of improvised explosive devices. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA.