Photo of MAJ Wilkins in front of US flag

MAJ Samuel Wilkins

Executive Officer

Instructor of International Affairs


Major Sam Wilkins serves as the Executive Officer in the Department of Social Sciences, where he is also an Instructor of International Relations. Sam served as a Special Forces Detachment Commander from 2016-2019, including deployments to Somalia and Nigeria. Prior to his service in Special Forces, Sam served as an Infantry Platoon Leader and Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon Leader, including one deployment to Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Sam holds an M.A. in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a B.S. in Military History from the United States Military Academy. While at SAIS, Sam served as the Research Assistant to Dr. Mara Karlin and was selected for the CNAS Next Generation Fellowship. His research interests include American foreign policy in Africa, limited military interventions, and the Cold War. His writing on these and other topics has appeared in War on the Rocks, The National Interest, The Strategy Bridge, The Modern War Institute, and The Small Wars Journal. Sam is also a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ongoing Research Projects

“The Great Open Field of Maneuver: Evaluating American Strategy for the Early Cold War in Africa (1957-1963)”: For Cold War policymakers in the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations, Africa represented, to quote one 1962 State Department memorandum, “the greatest open field of maneuver in the world-wide competition between the Bloc and the non-Communist world.” This essay takes a comparative approach to American Cold War strategy in Africa from 1957-1963. Juxtaposing the Eisenhower and Kennedy approaches to the Global Cold War in Africa offers valuable insights into both the effectiveness of their respective approaches and the enduring dilemmas of American foreign policy in Africa. 

Publications & Presentations

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