Portrait of Dr. Eils in front of a bookcase

Dr. Colleen Eils

Deputy Director of the West Point Writing Program

Associate Professor



Dr. Eils earned her Ph.D. in English with a portfolio in Mexican American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. While at UT, she taught courses in composition and literature in addition to serving the Undergraduate Writing Center in various capacities. As a member of the Department of English and Philosophy faculty at USMA, Dr. Eils worked for two years with cadet writers at all levels before joining the West Point Writing Program in 2018. She is the author of The Politics of Privacy, from the Ohio State University Press (2020). Dr. Eils’s scholarly work on race, indigeneity, and privacy in American literature has also appeared in MELUS, SAIL, & AIQ, African American Review, and Mfs.

Publications & Presentations


The Politics of Privacy in Contemporary Native, Latinx, and Asian American Metafictions. The Ohio State University Press, 2020.

Peer-Reviewed Essays

"Deborah Miranda, Natalie Diaz, Tommy Pico, and Metaphors of Representation." Studies in American Indian Literatures, 33.1-2 (Spring-Summer 2021).

"Narrative Privacy: Evading Ethnographic Surveillance in Fiction by Sherman Alexie, Rigoberto González, and Nam Le." Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States 42.2 (Summer 2017).

"The Politics of Make-Believe: Dissimulation and Reciprocity in David Treuer’s The Translation of Dr. Apelles." Studies in American Indian Literatures, 26.4 (Winter 2014).

Scholarly Book Chapters

"Fanny Ellison." Ralph Ellison in Context. Ed. Paul Devlin. Literature in Context Series. Cambridge UP. Fall 2021.

"Integrating Teaching, Assessment, and Administration in the Signature Work of the West Point Writing Program." with Jason Hoppe. Teaching and Learning the West Point Way. Eds. Morten G. Ender, Raymond A. Kimball, Rachel M. Sondheimer, and Jakob C. Bruhl. Routledge. 2021.

Peer-Reviewed Interview

"'You’re Always More Famous When You Are Banished': Gerald Vizenor on Citizenship, War, and Continental Liberty," with Emily Lederman and Andrew Uzendoski. American Indian Quarterly, 39.2 (Spring 2015).