Col Darcy Schnack

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COL Darcy Schnack


Academy Professor CEP


Colonel Darcy Schnack graduated from the United States Military Academy Preparatory School in 1992 and the United States Military Academy in 1996. Upon graduation, she was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Transportation Corps. She later earned her Master’s degree from Boston College in 2006 and completed her PhD in Sociology in January 2019. COL Schnack has served at various levels of leadership in the U.S. Army, two tours in Iraq as an Army logistician, and two tours teaching in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership where she served as the Military Leadership Course Director. She is an Academy Professor and currently the Director of West Point’s Center for Enhanced Performance, which houses their Performance Psychology and Academic Excellence programs. Her husband and USMA classmate, Troy, retired from the Army and they have three children: Ainsley (12 yrs), Avery (11 yrs), and Rowan (6 yrs).