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Dr. Graham Parsons

Associate Professor


I live in the Hudson Valley with my spouse, daughter, and two cats. I like books, movies, food, and soccer.

Ongoing Research Projects

I am working on a series of articles on the relationship between military ethics and gender, especially masculinity. At the core of this inquiry is the thesis that conventional military ethics and law treat soldiers as expendable instruments of national security and that this view is based on the presumption of the masculine nature of military service members. Ultimately, I think this project shows that soldiers deserve greater civil liberties at home and that there ought to be more constraints on attacks against combatants in war.

Publications & Presentations

Edited Books

How to End a War: Perspectives on Peace, Justice, and Repair, co-edited with Mark Wilson, Cambridge University Press (under contract)

Walzer and War: Reading Just and Unjust Wars Today, co-edited with Mark Wilson, Palgrave (2020)

Refereed Articles and Chapters in Print

“Combatants, Masculinity, and Just War Theory” (under review)

“Contract, Gender, and the Emergence of the Civil-Military Distinction,” The Review of Politics, volume 82, issue 3, summer 2020, pp. 416-37.

“Walzer’s Soldiers: Gender and the Rights of Combatants,” in Walzer and War: Reading Just and Unjust Wars Today, edited by Graham Parsons and Mark Wilson, (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2020), pp. 241-67.

“A Reply to Terrorism Unjustified by Vicente Medina,” Reason Papers, volume 41, issue 1, summer 2019, pp. 26-40.

 “The Dualism of Modern Just War Theory,” Philosophia, volume 45, issue 2, June 2016, pp. 751-771.

 “What is the Classical Theory of Just Cause? A Response to Gregory Reichberg,” Journal of Military Ethics, volume 12, issue 4, December 2013, pp. 357-69.

“Public War and the Moral Equality of Combatant s,” Journal of Military Ethics, volume 11, issue 4, December 2012, pp. 299-317.  

“The Incoherence of Walzer’s Just War Theory,” Social Theory and Practice, volume 38, issue 4, October 2012, pp 663-88.


Public Commentaries

“Masculinity and Humanitarianism,” ICRC Humanitarian Law and Policy Blog, May 20, 2019.

“How the Pentagon Made Transgender Rights Disappear,” Just Security, April 12, 2019.

“Patriarchal War,” The Ethical War Blog, Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace, March 8, 2016.

Conference Presentations

“Fighting to Win: Reflections on Allied Terror Bombing in World War Two,” European Chapter of the International Society for Military Ethics, June 03, 2021.

“Facing Up to the Subjugation of Military Service Members,” invited talk, Department of Law and Philosophy, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, November 19, 2019.

“The Ethics of Forced Distribution of Officer Evaluations,” with MAJ Joseph Mazzocchi, Individualization of War Project Practitioner Workshop, West Point, February 13, 2019.

“Is the Military a Civic Proving Ground?” panel on Immigration, Military Service, and Citizenship, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division Meeting, New York, NY, January 08, 2019.

“Walzer’s Soldiers: Gender and the Rights of Combatants,” 4th Annual Conference on the Ethics of War and Peace, West Point, NY, October 27, 2017.