MAJ Rakesh Dubey

CPT(P) Rakesh Dubey



MAJ Rakesh Dubey serves as an Instructor of Mechanical Engineering and pilot in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.  He enlisted in the Army in 2010 and earned his commission as a Distinguished Military Graduate through the Green-to-Gold Active-Duty Option program in 2013.  His key military assignments include Platoon Leader in B Company, 3-227 Assault Helicopter Battalion, Battalion Personnel and Human Resources Officer in 3-227 Assault Helicopter Battalion, and Company Commander for A Company, 3-2 General Support Aviation Battalion.  As an Army Aviator, Captain Dubey has flown the UH-60 A/L/M variants of the Black Hawk Helicopter and has served as the Pilot-in-command and Air Mission Commander.  Captain Dubey holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Business Administration degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing, and a Master of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics.  Prior to joining the Army, he worked as a Software Engineer and Project Manager, consulting for major US retailers.