Matt O'Banion

Dr. Matthew O'Banion

Assistant Professor


Dr. Matt O’Banion has a background in geomatics engineering, computer science, and engineering geology. He has expertise in the application of geospatial technology (e.g., lidar, GNSS, and GIS) and advanced visualization tools for the investigation and mapping of natural hazards. His teaching and research interests include the acquisition and analysis of geospatial data with a focus on high-resolution laser scanning, unmanned aircraft system (UAS)-based photogrammetry, immersive 3D visualization, and total propagated uncertainty of measurements. 

Ongoing Research Projects

Arctic permafrost degredation and material flux through small river systems on the Alaskan North Slope.

Educational use of immersive visualization technology in the classroom.

Use of augmented reality (AR) technology with high-resolution geospatial data.

Publications & Presentations

Select Peer-Reviewed:

  • [In Press] Laughlin, J., and M. O’Banion. “Geovisualization Technology Options for Use in the Classroom.” Surveying and Land Information Science Journal 83, 1 (2024).
  • Bolkas, D., E.I. Parisi, I. Detchev, M. O’Banion, and V. Gramlich. "Review of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Sciences Requirements by Various Accreditation Bodies," Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLVIII-M-2-2023 (2023): 259-265. DOI: 10.5194/isprs-archives-XLVIII-M-2-2023-259-2023.
  • O’Banion, M.S., N.S. Lewis, M.W. Boyce, J. Laughlin, and D.C. Majkowicz. "Use of an augmented reality sand table for satellite remote sensing education." Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 2022. DOI: 10.1080/03098265.2022.2087215.
  • Wright, W., C. Oxendine, M. O'Banion, J. Prickett, and K. Harrell. "Leveraging GIS and Dynamic Dashboards to Enable Force Protection During the COVID-19 Pandemic." Purview, 2020. Link.
  • O'Banion, M.S., D. Majkowicz, M. Boyce, W.C. Wright, C.E. Oxendine, and N.S. Lewis. "Evaluating Immersive Visualization Technology for Use in Geospatial Science Education." Surveying and Land Information Science, 79(1), 2020: 15-22. Link.

Select Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings:

  • O’Banion, M.S., C.E. Oxendine, R.J. Eck, S.P. McGettigan, W.C. Wright, S.G. Gallaher, J.P. Smith, J.P., and T.A. Douglas. (2020) Detection of Seasonal Arctic Terrain Change Using a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) on the Alaskan North Slope. 2020 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. Waikoloa, Hawaii, July 19-24, 2020.
  • Roe G.V., M.S. O’Banion, and M.J. Olsen. (2016) Mobile Lidar Guidelines to Support Utility Asset Management Along Highways. Pipelines 2016 Conference, ASCE UESI, Kansas City, MO.
  • O’Banion, M.S., and M.J. Olsen. (2014) Predictive Seismically-Induced Landslide Hazard Mapping in Oregon Using a Maximum Entropy Model (MaxEnt). EERI 10th National Conference in Earthquake Engineering, Anchorage, AK.
  • Woldringh, R.F., M.S. O’Banion, C. Dean, and M.T. Van Der Meer. Spoorenberg, C. (2012) High-tech advances In levee modeling and evaluation tools for flood risk management. Comprehensive Flood Risk Management Research for Policy and Practice, Klijn, F., Schweckendiek, T., editors, p. 245-251.
  • Hughes, M., M. O’Banion, and W. Godwin. (2010) Auburn-Foresthill Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project. 11th IAEG Congress, Auckland, New Zealand.

Select Seminars, Colloquia, and Presentations:

  • Wright, W., C. Kelly, M. O’Banion, and R. Kirkpatrick. “Detection of Vegetation Height Using a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) on Hawai’i.” Presented at the IGARSS 2023 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, Pasadena, CA, July 19, 2023.
  • O’Banion, M., D. Bolkas, and J. Laughlin. “Use of Head-Mounted VR for Differential Leveling Surveying Education.” Presented at the Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society (SAGES) Symposium, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 18, 2023.
  • Roubidoux, A., W. Wright, J. Laughlin, and M. O’Banion. “Analysis of Helicopter Landing Zone Identification Models in Various Geographic Environments.” Presented at the 8th Annual Intelligence Community Academic Research Symposium, Washington, DC, September 28, 2022.
  • O’Banion, M., D. Boklas, J. Prickett, and J. Laughlin. “Photogrammetric Dam Monitoring using sUAS: PPK GNSS vs Ground Control Points.” Presented at the Photogrammetry, 3D Visualization, and Lidar (P3DL) Community of Practice Conference, Springfield, VA, August 2022.
  • O’Banion, M., J. Laughlin, J. Prickett, Sean Gallaher, and Joseph Smith. “The Tales and Tribulations of Undergraduate Research: An Endeavor to the North Slope of Alaska.” Presented at the Surveying and Geomatics Educators Society (SaGES) Conference, Virtual Presentation, August 2022.