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Dr. Amira Jadoon

​Assistant Professor



Dr. Amira Jadoon is an assistant professor at the Combating Terrorism Center and the Department of Social Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point as well as the CTC’s General John P. Abizaid Research Associate. She specializes in international security, economic statecraft, political violence, and terrorism. Her research employs both quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the implications of international policy tools, such as U.S. military aid and sanctions, on internal conflict dynamics. Her research also examines the behavior of non-state actors, especially in South Asia, and the types of environments that exacerbate terrorist activity. Dr. Jadoon is fluent in Urdu, Hindko, and Punjabi and conducted field work in Pakistan for both her masters and doctoral research. She has presented her work at various conferences and published in International Interactions, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Studies in Conflict and Terrorism amongst others. Prior to beginning her doctoral program, Dr. Jadoon worked as a consultant for Deloitte London (U.K.) between 2006-2011. Dr. Jadoon holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the University at Albany, an M.Sc. in Economic Development from the London School of Economics, and a B.A. in Economics and in Journalism from the University of Iowa.

Ongoing Research Projects

Under Review/Ongoing Projects

Amira Jadoon and Andrew Mines, “Targeting IS-Khorasan: The Effectiveness of CT Efforts”

Victor Asal, Amira Jadoon and Noah Bluestone. Revise and Resubmit. “Transition and Terrorism.”

Amira Jadoon and Daniel Milton. Accepted. "Shadow Economies and Terrorism." 

Amira Jadoon. Under Review. “ U.S Military Aid and Conflict Severity.”

Amira Jadoon and Bryan R. Early. “Economic Statecraft & State Repression.”

Ashley Fox, Amira Jadoon and Victor Asal. “Urban and Rural Divides: Ethnicity and Public Service Provision.”

Brandon Behlendorf and Amira Jadoon. “Natural Disasters and Social Capital.”

Victor Asal and Amira Jadoon. "Female Fighters."

Publications & Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Amira Jadoon. 2019. “Playing Dirty to Survive: the Vulnerability of Civilian Targets within U.S. Military Aid Recipients." Small Wars & Insurgency 30(3): 587-614

Bryan Early and Amira Jadoon. 2019. Forthcoming. “Using the Carrot as the Stick: U.S. Foreign Aid and the Effectiveness of Sanctions Threats.” Foreign Policy Analysis.

Amira Jadoon. 2018. "Persuasion and Predation: The Effects of U.S Military Aid and International Development Aid on Civilian Killings." Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 41(10).  

Victor Asal, Amira Jadoon, Nolan Fahrenkopf, and Injeong Hwang. 2018. “Prisoners At Midnight: Hypotheses Testing Simulation.” European Political Science 17(4):621-633

Bryan Early and Amira Jadoon. 2016. “Do Sanctions Always Stigmatize? The Effects of Economic Sanctions on Foreign Aid.” International Interactions 42(2).

Research Reports and Other Publications

Amira Jadoon. December 3, 2018. "Allied and Lethal: The Islamic State Khorasan's Network and Organizational Capacity in Afghanistan and Pakistan." West Point, NY: Combating Terrorism Center. 

Amira Jadoon and Sara Mahmood. December 2018. "Fixing the Cracks in the Pakistani Taliban's Foundation: TTP's Leadership Returns to the Mehsud Tribe." CTC Sentinel 11:11. 

Amira Jadoon. September 10, 2018. "Militant Landscape, Tactics and Pakistan's War  on Terror." Pakistan Politico

Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani and Charmaine Willis. April 2018. "Challenging the ISK Brand in Afghanistan-Pakistan: Rivalries and Divided Loyalties." CTC Sentinel 11:8. 

Amira Jadoon. February 9, 2018. "An Idea or a Threat? Islamic State in Jammu and Kashmir." Combating Terrorism Center Perspectives. CTC Article

Amira Jadoon and Sara Mahmood. September 14, 2017. "Militant Rivalries Extend to Female Recruitment in Pakistan." Combating Terrorism Center Perspectives. CTC Article

Amira Jadoon. 2012. “Effect of Tenure Legalization on Squatter Settlements: Pakistan Squatter Settlement Case Study”.  World Bank – Online Library. 

Amira Jadoon. 2011. "What are Imran's Chances?" The News International Blog