Foreign Languages Staff and Faculty

Dr. Qun Ao

Professor of Chinese

CPT Luis Arauz

Instructor of Spanish

COL John Baskerville

Deputy Department Head, Professor of USMA

Ms. Sherri Bellinger

Operations & Assesment Manager, CLCRS

Dr. John Benjamin

Assistant Professor of German

MAJ Christopher Campbell

French Desk Chief, Instructor of French

Dr. Rajaa Chouairi

Program Director of Arabic, Associate Professor of Arabic

Dr. Olga Dobrunoff

Assistant Professor of Russian

COL Gregory Ebner

Department Head, Professor of USMA

LTC Matthew Ellett

Academy Professor of Russian, Instructor of Russian

Dr. Joshua Enslen

Program Director, Associate Professor of Portuguese

LTC Ricardo Fregoso

Spanish Desk Chief, Instructor of Spanish

Dr. Mark Gagnon

Program Director of German, Academy Professor of German

MAJ Evgueni Goussev

Instructor of Russian

COL Eugene (John) Gregory

Program Director of Chinese, Academy Professor of Chinese

CPT Ryan Herring

Instructor of Persian

Dr. Lillian Li-Hsing Ho

Assistant Professor of Chinese

Dr. Olivia Holloway

Assistant Professor of Portuguese

Dr. Amir Irani-Tehrani

Program Director of Persian, Assistant Professor of Persian

MAJ James Isakson

Desk Chief of Portuguese, Instructor of Portuguese

Dr. Rebecca Jones-Kellogg

Associate Dean for Curriculum and Assessment, Associate Professor of Portuguese

MAJ Matthew Kalin

Instructor of French, Deputy Director of CLCRS

LTC Christian Klein

German Army Liaison Officer, Instructor of German

MAJ Mark Kloiber

German Desk Chief, Instructor of German

Dr. Sherry Maggin

Program Director of Spanish, Assistant Professor of Spanish

LTC Andre Luiz Melo Franco

Brazilian Army Exchange Officer, Instructor of Portuguese

COL Zachary F. Miller

Academy Professor, Assistant Professor of Portuguese

Dr. John Pendergast

Program Director of Russian, Associate Professor of Russian

Dr. Julia Praud

Program Director of French, Assistant Professor of French

Ms. Susan Rivera

Abroad Program Coordinator

LTC Annmarie Ruppert

Academy Professor of French, Assistant Professor of French

Mr. Charles Ruscelli

Computer Specialist, IT Property Books Officer

CPT William Sack

Assistant Professor of Portuguese

LTC Kevin Steele

Department Executive Officer

Dr. Olivier Tonnerre

Director of Faculty Development, Associate Professor of French

Dr. Jeffrey Watson

Chair of Linguistics & Language Acquisition, CLCRS

Dr. Richard Wolfel

Professor of Geography and Chair of Intercultural Competence, CLCRS

Dr. Clara Zanirato

Assistant Professor of Portuguese