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LTC Stephen Woodside

Academy Professor


I was born and raised in Miami, FL, where much of my family and many good friends still live. I now live in Basking Ridge, NJ with my wife, three boys, baby girl (arriving July ’19), and large messy dog. I like to camp, hike, and travel with my family and friends, and I sometimes enjoy running. I also enjoy playing tennis with adults and baseball, soccer, riding bikes, and nerf gun wars with my kids. My sports teams: Miami Dolphins, BC Football, BC Ice Hockey, Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, and Miami Heat.

Ongoing Research Projects

I have a few draft articles that I intend to publish (or turn into a book) at some point dealing with moral liability to defensive harming. One article casts doubt on complicity-based explanations for liability to defensive harming and instead argues that one can become liable by virtue of a wrongful failure to prevent harm, even in cases where one does not causally contribute to that threat of harm. Another defends the claim that one is liable to harm to prevent a threat only if one is responsible for that threat. I undermine arguments against this claim by suggesting that they rely mostly on desert-based intuitions regarding harming.

Publications & Presentations

Review of Who Should Die: The Ethics of Killing in War; Jenkins, Robillard, Strawser (eds.); Notre Dame Philosophical Review (2018)

“Liability by Omission” (Presentation): The Future of Just War Conference (NPS) (2015), Stockholm Center for the Ethics of War and Peace Graduate Reading Retreat (2015), Proportionality Workshop (Corpus Christi, Oxford) (2015), War Workshop (All Souls, Oxford) (2015).

“Unintentional Terrorism?: An Objection to Rodin’s ‘Terrorism without Intention,’” Journal of Military Ethics (2013)