Dr. Elise Dykhuis

Dr. Elise Murray Dykhuis

Assistant Professor and Character Scientist



Her research focuses broadly on individual pathways for character development among college students and her work integrates the concept of character virtues with developmental theory and metatheory. She spent much of her doctoral studies examining the aspects of person-centric, longitudinal models of intellectual humility among United States Military Academy cadets. She previously worked with Wake Forest University, where she was directing assessment and empirical research related to character interventions in college and professional school settings, and she has also consulted on various other character intervention projects in higher education. She has a particular interest in using complex statistical modeling to examine developmental pathways and further honed these skills as a junior fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. She strongly believes that college students are uniquely situated for immense character growth given their social, emotional, intellectual, and identity development, integrated with the vast opportunities presented by post-secondary education. 

Ongoing Research Projects

Volitional Character Change in Adulthood

Character Measurement

Publications & Presentations

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