Robinson professional profile

LTC Lee Robinson

American Politics Program Director


Lieutenant Colonel Lee Robinson is the Director of the American Politics Program and an Academy Professor within the Department of Social Sciences at West Point.  Lee teaches the introductory course to American politics and the capstone course on public policy. He is a 2000 graduate of the United States Military Academy and holds an MPA from Cornell University and a PhD in Public Administration and Policy from the University of Georgia.  Prior to service as an Academy Professor, Lee served for over 20 years as an Army Aviation Officer including two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.  Lee commanded the 603D Aviation Support Battalion in the 3rd Infantry Division from 2019-2021 and served as a strategist for the Army Talent Management Task Force from 2021-2022.  His research focuses on strategic human resource management, public management and organizational performance, and civil-military relations.

Ongoing Research Projects

“Talent Matters: Winning in a Complex and Uncertain Future.”  This book project presents a comprehensive assessment of talent management reforms in the U.S. Army over the past decade in its journey to modernize personnel practices to meet the demands of the future operating environment. The authors guide the reader in assessing the impact of recent developments and describe the innovations required to realize the benefits of a talent-based personnel management system.  Army leaders are the primary audience for this book, but it also has wider appeal for other services and the field of public personnel administration. 

Publications & Presentations


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