Dr. Vikram Mittal

Dr. Vikram Mittal

Associate Professor

Systems Engineering Program Advisor



Dr. Vikram Mittal is an Associate Professor in the United States Military Academy’s (USMA) Department of Systems Engineering. He holds a BS in Aeronautics from Caltech, a MSc in Engineering Sciences from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.  Dr. Mittal accepted a faculty position at USMA in 2015 and has taught courses in both the systems engineering and mechanical engineering departments.  Prior to teaching at USMA, he was a senior mechanical engineer at the C.S. Draper Laboratory, where he worked in the Vehicles and Robotics Group.  Dr. Mittal’s research interests focus on combat simulations, model-based systems engineering, robotics, and power systems. He currently serves as the Program Director for the Systems and Decisions Sciences program. Dr. Mittal is a contributor to Forbes.com, where he writes about Aerospace and Defense.  Dr. Mittal is a combat veteran (OEF, 2011-2012) and is currently an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, where he is currently assigned to the 75th Innovation Command.

Ongoing Research Projects

Technology Forecasting for defense and energy systems
Combat Simulation
Modeling of the Soldier system
Supply chain analysis
Model-based systems engineering

Publications & Presentations